• The Inuring

    The Inuring

    Earlier this year Emily landed the lead role of Aleisha in The Inuring, an anti-bullying short film from Sunset Aperture. The dramatic…


  • Run Rabbit

    Run Rabbit

    In June 2016, Emily launched a crowdfunding campaign for her second short as Director, Run Rabbit. The campaign was an…


  • Inferno


    In April 2016, Emily was cast in the lead role of Penelope, in the science-fiction short film, Inferno. Shooting across…


  • Dead Wrong

    Dead Wrong

    In the summer of 2014, Emily began pre-production on her first short film as a filmmaker. Going before the cameras…


  • HSBC Commercial

    HSBC Commercial

    At the audition for the lead role in the new HSBC commercial, Emily quickly impressed the Casting Director and production…


  • Vodafone Commercial

    Vodafone Commercial

    Through an audition in early 2015, Emily was cast as the lead in this German commercial for Vodafone. Playing the role…


  • Years & Years

    Years & Years

    In 2015, Emily landed a central role in the new music video, Foundation, by Years & Years. Taken from their…


  • Maddy Carty

    Maddy Carty

    In 2014, Emily starred in the music video for Get it Right by Maddy Carty. The catchy song became a…


  • Vivid Nation

    Vivid Nation

    After a host of successful music videos appearances over an eighteen-month period, Emily was again cast as the lead, this…